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Car Diagnostics Computer

Car Engine Diagnostics | The Benefits of Diagnostic Car Tests

Car engine diagnostics can bring a lot of issues to light. Technology has developed to make car problems much easier to identify. It isn’t always obvious to your average driver what’s gone wrong, but an experienced mechanic will know exactly what to look for.

Cars are fitted with an Engine Control Unit, known as an ECU. This system is an on-board computer which has sensors. These sensors will report back to the ECU if there’s something wrong with your car. The computer will then illuminate the appropriate warning light on the dashboard.

mechanic on a laptop checking car ECU

Warning Light

If a warning light is flashing on your dashboard, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that there’s something wrong with your car. However, not all of these lights are very specific. The engine warning light could indicate a number of issues, so to get to the root of the problem you’ll need engine diagnostics.

Mechanics have special tools that plug into cars and read the faults. These tools are used to perform an engine diagnostics check. The tool transfers information from the car’s sensors into a code. The code will indicate which component is faulty, so it can be repaired or replaced.

Car Dashboard Warning Lights

What Does A Car Engine Diagnostics Test Include?

The tool will read any issues that have been highlighted by the ECU. It can detect whether the issue is current or historic. A historic issue is something that’s come up since the last engine diagnostics test but since been remedied. It will be wiped from the ECU after the test.

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When Should I Get An Engine Diagnostics Test?

When any of the warning lights begin to flash on your dashboard, it’s best to book in for engine diagnostics. Warning lights aren’t specific enough to identify the hundreds of issues they might point to.

If the light is red, it indicates an urgent issue. Orange lights are less urgent, but still need to be seen to before the issue deteriorates. You don’t need to worry about green or blue lights as these are usually general messages.

Call Swindon Cambelt Centre For Your Engine Diagnostics Now

If a red or orange warning light has appeared on your dashboard, it would be a good idea to book in for diagnostics. Swindon Cambelt Centre have the latest diagnostics equipment to pinpoint the issue accurately. We can then repair your car before it’s too late.

Because this system is able to accurately identify issues, you’ll save time and money on labour costs. Fixing engine issues early means that your car will last longer and stay in good health. Leaving you with peace of mind on the road.

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