Car Servicing Swindon

If your car or van requires a service in Swindon or the surrounding area then Swindon Cambelt Centre can help. Our highly trained staff of mechanics will ensure that your vehicle is in top working condition by checking many key components as well as replacing others to ensure better performance and better safety when driving. We provide professional servicing for every make and model of vehicle out there.

Our fully equipped garage in Swindon has everything necessary to conduct interim, Full & major services. Our expert team will carry out any work necessary to make sure everything is working perfectly afterwards. Our professional services will match your main dealership at a much more affordable rate.

Vehicle Servicing Packages

The following is a list of our vehicle servicing packages. In addition to regular garage services, we may follow the manufacturer’s suggested servicing plan, preserving any remaining warranty.

Full Car Servicing

The full automobile service that we give checks many more components than the intermediate service and is significantly more in-depth and sophisticated. If you use your car or van a lot, we recommend scheduling your service at least once a year or every 10-12,000 miles. This will assist you in keeping your automobile and yourself safe while driving as efficiently as possible.

The complete service includes more detailed checks of all main components of your automobile or van, in addition to all of the components tested during the interim service. We thoroughly empty and change the engine oil, as well as top up other fluids, much like the interim service. In the long run, this can help your engine’s health and efficiency. We will change your air filters if necessary, based on the use of your vehicle and the quality of your air filters. Once all of the in-depth component checks have been completed, we complete the full service by topping up the windshield wash, antifreeze/coolant, and any other fluids that your vehicle requires.

Because many types and models of vehicles differ, we tailor our services to the exact vehicle and its requirements. We are confident with the varied rules set by vehicle manufacturers for services because we are skilled mechanics with knowledge of dealing with most car and van models.

Interim Car Servicing

We perform a thorough inspection of numerous important components as part of our interim service to guarantee that your vehicle is in good functioning order. We also top up fluids and repair key filters and equipment. This includes oil filters and fluid, as well as any other items that need to be replenished, such as power steering and window washer fluid.

We inspect the vehicle’s wheel nuts for torque and adjust them if necessary, in addition to inspecting filters and fluids. Our trained mechanics check a variety of other components, such as tyre pressure, clutch brake fluid, and the power steering reservoir, to ensure that your vehicle is safe and running at its best.

Before advising you of any small faults that require additional attention, the rest of the component tests are completed. We inspect the brake pads and discs on your car or van, as well as the depth of wear on your tyres. If we find any new issues that require additional work, we will notify you before we begin.

The goal of our interim auto service is to guarantee that your vehicle is in good functioning order before a complete service is required.

Major Car Servicing

Every 24 months, we recommend that you get your car serviced. Most components are covered. It will also inspect a slew of other mechanical elements. They include brake fluid change, cabin filter replacement, alternator charging testing, and spark plug replacement.

Additional Car Services

We offer additional vehicle garage mechanics to inspect or repair a specific part of your in addition to servicing packages. Give us a call if you have any concerns regarding performance or need a check-up before a lengthy trip.

Save Money on Vehicle Servicing

Our auto centre in Swindon is where we do all of our car servicing. The cost of a vehicle service varies based on whether or not your car or van needs further maintenance to be safe. We offer high-quality mechanics jobs at affordable pricing.

We may service your vehicle while it is still under warranty without jeopardising your vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranty. This is true if it is performed according to the manufacturer’s schedule and is properly documented. In this case, the pieces we use must be of “acceptable quality” and thoroughly documented. We take pride in utilising only the highest-quality components and equipment to completely diagnose and fix any issues that may emerge.

We attempt to keep our pricing affordable while maintaining a high level of garage quality and expertise. All of our garage work we offer is on par with what you’d get from a major dealer, but at a fraction of the cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Essentially it means checking multiple components of your vehicle for safety and performance issues. If necessary, and depending on the package you opt for, these components will be replaced. Notably, engine oil and other fluids and filters are changed too.

They differ in price depending on which package you require. If you’re unsure which package you need, contact our team of experienced mechanics and they will advise you on the best course of action.

We recommend every year or if you drive your vehicle a lot then every 12,000 miles. This is to ensure everything is safe and in good working order. If you drive a newer model, it may self diagnose when it requires any work needed.

If you don’t have your vehicle maintained regularly, it can mean that more serious faulty components are not picked up on, causing serious risk to health. It can also mean that damage can be caused to your vehicle through old or low oil damaging your engine.

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