Car Servicing Swindon

Are you looking for a reliable garage for car servicing in Swindon? If so, you have come to the right place. We provide professional car servicing for all makes and model of cars at low prices. Our garage is kitted out with all the latest equipment so we can provide all the services you need. From interim, full or major servicing, to one-off services, we offer expert services that match your main dealership but at much lower rates. To book your vehicle in, call us on 01793 644 580.

Vehicle Servicing Packages

Our vehicle servicing packages are listed below. As well as performing general servicing, we can follow your vehicle manufacturers recommended servicing schedule which will preserve any remaining warranty on your vehicle.

Interim Car Servicing

Interim servicing is recommended around every 6 months and is perfect for high mileage drivers. This service checks many aspects including inspections for body damage, oil and air filter changes, lubrication of parts, checking and top-up of fluid levels, and we also check for leaks, inspect your braking system and examine the condition of your tyres and exhaust.

Full Car Servicing

We recommend a full servicing every 12 months. This service covers all aspects checked on an interim service and also checks additional components such as the alternator, gearbox fluid, radiator, coolant hoses, complete braking system including brake fluid top-up if necessary, wheel bearings, power steering, exhaust system and more.

Major Car Servicing

We recommend that your vehicle has a major service every 24 months. This service includes most aspects covered in a full service. In addition, it will also check many other mechanical components. They include bleeding of the braking system and replacing the brake fluid, replacement of cabin filter, testing alternator charging and changing spark plugs.

Additional Car Services

As well as offering servicing packages, we can also provide additional car services to check or fix a certain aspect of your vehicle. If you are concerned about performance or require a check-up before a long journey, then give us a call.

Save Money on Car Servicing

We always strive to keep our prices low, while the level of service and professionalism is not compromised. Furthermore, we can save you money compared to going to the main dealer. All our services match the levels you can expect from the main dealer but at much more competitive prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having your car serviced means checking multiple components of your vehicle for safety and performance issues. If necessary, and depending on the service package you opt for, these components will be replaced. Notably, engine oil and other fluids and filters are changed during your car service too.

Our car services differ in price depending on which package you require. If you’re unsure which service package you need, contact our team of experienced mechanics and they will advise you on the best course of action.

We recommend having your car or van serviced every year or if you drive your vehicle a lot then every 12,000 miles. This is to ensure your car is safe and in good working order. If you drive a newer car, it may self diagnose when it requires a service.

If you don’t have your vehicle serviced regularly, it can mean that more serious faulty components are not picked up on, causing serious risk to health. It can also mean that damage can be caused to your vehicle through old or low oil damaging your engine.

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For more information or to book your vehicle in for car servicing in Swindon, please do not hesitate to contact us.