Car Diagnostics Swindon

Our car diagnostics in Swindon will quickly and efficiently diagnose faults with your vehicle. We provide advanced engine diagnostics at competitive prices for all makes and model of vehicles. Using the latest diagnostics equipment, we can identify faults and also recommend affordable car repairs. To book your vehicle in call us now on 01793 644 580.

What is a Car Diagnostics Check?

All modern vehicles are fitted with an ECU (engine control unit). A car diagnostics check involves using specialist equipment to read the data on the ECU. Data is fed to the ECU from sensors that are placed around components inside the vehicle. If there is a fault the sensors will send information to the ECU. If the engine control unit detects an issue, usually the instrument panel lights will become lit to indicate a problem.

Vehicle diagnostics is a non-invasive form of diagnosing faults quickly and with pinpoint accuracy. We use the latest diagnostics equipment to resolve problems with your vehicle fast. If you suspect a fault or if there are instrument panel lights lit to indicate a problem, then we advise that you book your vehicle in for engine diagnostics as soon as possible. This will allow us to identify the problem and we can conduct vehicle repairs before the issue deteriorates further.

Benefits of Engine Diagnostics

  • Accurately diagnoses faults with your vehicle quickly
  • Can save time and money on labour car repair costs
  • All our technicians are fully trained and qualified to analyse data so they can advise upon the best repair solutions
  • Identifying faults early means the problem can be fixed before it deteriorates further. As a result, you can save money long term

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For more information about our car diagnostics in Swindon, or to request a free quotation, then contact us on 01793 644 580. Our professional team can discuss your concerns and also arrange a suitable time to book your vehicle in.