Brakes Swindon

If you are searching for a reliable garage to service your brakes in Swindon, speak to the experts at SCC Autos (Swindon Cambelt Centre). We provide comprehensive car brake repairs and services at low prices. We can work on all makes and models of vehicles, and all work is performed by qualified technicians. To book your vehicle in for car brake repairs in Swindon and the surrounding area, call us on 01793 644 580.

Brake Repair

Brakes are a vital aspect of your vehicle and if you suspect that you require brake repair, we advise booking your vehicle in as soon as possible. It is essential that your brakes are maintained so that they perform efficiently. 

Our car brake servicing and repairs are performed by qualified technicians and we only use OEM replacement parts or better for total peace of mind. Our car brake repair services include the following:

  • Visual inspection of the entire braking system (including handbrake) to check for wear, seizures, leaks and wheel cylinder damage
  • Supply and fitting of quality replacement brake disks, pads, shoes, calipers etc
  • Check of brake fluid, top-up or bleeding and fluid replacement as required

Free Brake Check

If you are concerned that your brakes need repair or you just want a check-up for peace of mind, visit us for a free brake check. We can inspect the braking system and advise if any car repairs are required. Just pop into our garage or call us to arrange an inspection.

Emergency braking in your car can make the pads run down faster than they usually would. This is not to say you shouldn’t do emergency braking when required. Failing to perform an emergency stop when required to can cause more severe and expensive repairs, and in extreme cases could cause an accident. This is not an everyday stopping technique, so doing an emergency stop when required shouldn’t wear your pads down that much faster than usual.

Brakes are arguably the most important safety feature on your car and you should have them checked regularly, especially in the winter and autumn months where weather is generally worse and stopping distances are increased. Regular checks will minimise stopping distance which when a car is travelling thirty miles per hour is twenty three meters. Stopping distance is calculated by thinking + braking distance.

Unless you’ve had your car chipped to improve performance or increase power, you should be able to replace worn pads with the same ones that were fitted to your car when new. Here at Swindon Cambelt Centre, we don’t expect our customers to be able to tell us which parts their cars require. Our skilled team of car mechanics will be able to identify replacement parts needed with ease.

Contact SCC Autos For Replacement Brakes Swindon

If you need car repairs for your brakes in Swindon, please call us on 01793 644 580. We can book your vehicle in at a time and date to suit your needs. We strive to keep our prices low and we can also provide free no-obligation quotes.